School Management Committee



How do I get to Changkat Changi Secondary School?

How do I contact Changkat Changi Secondary School?


Where do I buy school uniforms?
-     The uniform vendor will open in school every Thursday from 9am to 3pm.
-   Intrend Uniform Shop location: 729 Geylang road Singapore 389640 Tel: 67410930

When are the school terms/ school holidays?

Finance Matters :

School fees matters

How do I make payments?

For cheque payment, either post the cheques or call into our General Office. Please make cheques payable to ‘Changkat Changi Secondary School’.
For cash payment, you can make payment at our CCSS General Office.  

Financial Assistance Scheme and Bursaries
-   Approach General Office    


Where can I find out more about Direct School Admission (DSA) to Changkat Changi Secondary School?


Where can I find out more about CCAs and related CCA matters in Changkat Changi Secondary School?

What is the CCA Grading System?

Can my child join more than one CCA?
Students may join more than one CCA provided there are no clashes in the schedules  

Academic Matters:

Secondary 2 streaming exercise:


Are students allowed to bring mobile phones to school?
Please refer to the CCSS Student Handbook 2019 on the use of mobile phones in CCSS.

Does my child need to buy a laptop/mobile device as part of school programme when he/she joins CCSS?
CCSS will be embarking on the PDLP as a Phase 1 school. More details regarding this will be shared soon.

Attire and grooming during non-curriculum periods
Please refer to the CCSS Student Handbook 2020 on the proper attire and grooming during non-curriculum periods.