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Changkat Moments




26 Oct - Aviation Day




21 Oct – Deepavali Celebration



31 Aug - Teachers' Day Celebration



9 Aug - National Day Observance Ceremony 2022



8 Aug - National Day Celebration



18 July - Racial Harmony Day



1 June - Aircraft Structure Repair Workshop



14 February - Total Defence Day

Total Defence Pix 2.JPGTotal Defence pix 3.jpg

Total Defence Pix 1.PNGTotal Defence Pix 4.JPG

31 January - CNY Celebration



4 January -  Kickstart 2022




28 October – Deepavali celebration 

Deepavali 1.jpg
Deepavali 2.jpg

Deepavali 3.JPGDeepavali 4.JPG

2 September - Teacher's Day Celebration



29 October – Changkateer featured in RIA 89.7fm 

RIA 89.7FM.jpg

6 August – National Day Celebrations



21 July – Racial Harmony Day


6 August – National Day Celebrations


1 July - NCC Day

The NCC Day is observed on 1 July 2021 which coincides with Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Day. The event commemorates the founding of the SAF on 1 July.

Congratulations to the following cadets from our school who will be receiving the Outstanding Cadet Award:

Master Sergeant Alfred Seetoh Xiao An from the NCC Air Boys

Master Sergeant Nur Natasha Binte Mohamed Riduwan from the NCC Air Girls

Alfred Seeto.JPGNur Natasha.JPG


16 February - Total Defence Day

Changkateers commemorating Total Defence Week through games and insightful sharing sessions




11 February - Chinese New Year Celebration

Changkateers ushering in the Year of the Ox. 牛年大吉!



8 February - Mother Tongue Fortnight

Changkateers having fun at the various activity booth.



4 January - Kickstart ! Programme

Our Secondary one students getting to know their classmates better through various activities.



Secondary 3 students enjoying their time in Camp Courage.




5 October – CCSS featured in CNA news article

Our school was featured in the CNA news article where we shared how our school has kept learning and CCAs going though Covid-19 has put a damper on many school activities throughout the country.

5 Oct-1.jpg

21 September – 3rd place for National Text Recital Competition

Cheyanne Ng from 3E1 took part in the 3rd National Text Recital Competition as part of the 2020 National Chinese Challenge organised by Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning, and emerged 3rd in the upper secondary category.
21 Sep-1.jpg

5 September - Drone Odyssey Challenge

Our Changkat student team has made it to the finals of the Drone Odyssey Challenge!

5 Sep-1.jpg

21 August - Building guilders using cardboards

Here are some photos of our Secondary 1 Changkateers building guilders out of cardboard during their ALP (Applied Learning Programme) lessons! The programme allows our students a hands on perspective when learning more about the physics of flight!

21 Aug-1.jpg21 Aug-2.jpg

21 Aug-3.jpg21 Aug-4.jpg

14 August - NUS Geography Challenge

In February and May 2020, our Changkat geographers took part in the NUS Geography Challenge, a national competition that aims to ignite students' passion and interest for the dynamic discipline of Geography. We celebrate the students’ achievements and share their joy as they did themselves and the school proud. Special mention to Jerry for being awarded a Bronze medal for his performance.
14 Aug-1.jpg

11 August – Virtual Chinese Literature Appreciation Seminar

As part of the Mother Tongue Talent Development Programme (Chinese Language), students had the opportunity to interact with renowned local Author, Mr Chow Teck-Seng during a virtual Chinese Literature Appreciation Seminar.

11 Aug-1.jpg11 Aug-2.jpg

7 August – National Day 2020 X Changkat Challenge

Changkateers were creating posters and artefacts to appreciate and encourage our frontline workers.
At the same time, the upper secondary changkateers organised a food donation drive for the Food Bank to help Singaporeans in need! Our STAR students reached out to all classes to capture the National Day spirit with their Polaroid cameras.
7 Aug-3.jpg7 Aug-4.jpg

7 Aug-1.jpg7 Aug-2.jpg

2 July – The spirit of the STARs

5 of the best moments to recapture the spirit of the STARs.

2 Jul-1.jpg2 Jul-3.jpg

2 Jul-2.jpg2 Jul-4.jpg

2 Jul-5.jpg

5 June – Safe management measures put in place due to Covid-19

Safe management measures were put in place to make sure that school is a safe place for all students and staff.

5 Jun-1.jpg5 Jun-2.jpg

5 Jun-3.jpg

4 May – 1E3 Cook Potato Challenge

After watching challenges on Tik Tok, the form teachers of 1E3 were inspired and decided to create their own class challenge! #CookPotatoChallenge This challenge allowed students to gain learning experiences, spark creativity and bond with their family members during this circuit breaker period.

4 May-1.jpg

11 March - Explore Shadows and Silhouettes through smartphone photography

Our Changkateer’s take on black and white photography as they explore Shadows and Silhouettes through smartphone photography!

11 Mar-1.jpg11 Mar-2.jpg

11 Mar-3.jpg

6 March – Drones flying during the ALP Lesson

Changkateers learning the basics of coding through flying drones during the ALP Lesson.

6 Mar-1.jpg6 Mar-2.jpg

6 Mar-3.jpg

28 February - CCSS video production for Covid-19

A made in CCSS video production to remind students on what is the right thing to do during the current covid-19 situation.

28 February – 2020 STEMIE Programme

Changkateers learning to apply Design Thinking in a problem solving exercise during the 2020 STEMIE Programme

28 Feb-1.jpg

24 January – Chinese New Year Celebration

Our Changkateers had fun making dough figurines and class mascots as part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations.

24 Jan-1.jpg24 Jan-2.jpg


24 Jan-4.jpg

22 January – Mother Tongue Fortnight

A sneak peak into what our students have been up to during the Mother Tongue Fortnight. 

22 Jan-1.jpg22 Jan-2.jpg

22 Jan-3.jpg22 Jan-4.jpg

21 January – Secondary one Orientation Camp

Our Secondary one students interacting and bonding with their friends through various activities during their Orientation Camp.

21 Jan-1.jpg21 Jan-2.jpg

21 Jan-3.jpg21 Jan-4.jpg

20 January – Interest-based workshop conducted by ECG counsellor

An Interest-based workshop conducted by ECG (Educational Career Guidance) counsellor, Ms Pauline, for our STAR students.

20 Jan-1.jpg20 Jan-2.jpg

20 Jan-3.jpg


19 October - NCC Girls emerged Champion in Soccer 

The Changkat Changi NCC (Girls) Unit participated in the Sports Championship 2019 Finals at HQ NCC on 19 October 2019 and the unit has emerged as the champion of the Soccer (Girls) Competition! Congratulations!

Soccer (1st Place) - CCSS (Girls) trophy.JPGSoccer (1st Place) - CCSS (Girls).jpeg

30 August - Changkateers winning in the US

Changkateers took part in the recent NICEE 2019 competition held in Michigan, USA , and won the Global Impact Award for their idea. Well done Changkateers!

US1.jpgUS 2.jpg

US 3.jpgUS 4.jpg

26 August - Runner Up for National Writing Competition

Congratulations to Nisha from 5N1 who won runner up for a National Writing Competition, 'Saya Boleh Mengarang', organised by Edufront. It was a tough competition with 354 participants from both primary and secondary. 

Well done Nisha!

ML 1.jpgML 2.jpg

13 August - Changkateer achieve the Founders Award

Benjamin Yeo was awarded the Founder’s Award. It is the highest individual award attainable in the Boys’ Brigade.

The award was presented by Mr Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth Ministry of Transport.




29 July - NCDCC Cadets achieve Pinnacle Award

Congratulations to two of our Sec 4 NCDCC cadets who received their Pinnacle Award.The NCDCC unit also received the UOPA Bronze award. Well done!


24 July - Changkateers won at "Live On" Art Competition

Our Changkateers from the Art Talent Development Programme has done well and we are very pleased to share their achievement.They joined the ‘Live On’ Art Competition (Organised by Ministry of Health) and received awards from Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport & Ministry of Health, Mr Lam Pin Min.

art 9.jpgart 3.jpgart 1.jpgart 2.jpg

17 July - Changkateers showing off their culinary skills

Our Changkat team won the best themed "CCSS Kopitiam" infusing the polyglot culture of Singapore.The winning team is inspired by the Singapore coffee culture today and invented a Prata (Indian)sandwich with curry chicken (Chinese) consisting of anchioves & peanuts (Malay Nasi Lemak) and cheese (Eurasian).


16 July - First NCC Air Cadet to attend Exchange Programme in USA

This is the first time in history, one of our Changkat Changi NCC Air Girls, Siti Murfiqah got selected to attend the International Cadet Exchange Programme in USA from 15 June 2019 to 27 June 2019.

To serve with pride and dedication!


4 June - Changkateers go on a Hong Kong Aviation Learning Journey

Our Changkateers went to Hong Kong for an aviation overseas learning journey. 

Highlights of the trip includes:
- School exchange to Sai Kung Sung Tsun Cathoic School
- Visit to Hong Kong International Airport
- Sharing by Hong Kong Airport Authority
- Exclusive visit to Pan Asia Pacific Aviation Services Ltd to experience behind the scenes of airport operations
- Having fun at HK Disneyland

HK 1.jpgHK 3.jpg

HK 4.jpgHK 5.jpg

HK 2.jpg

29 May - CCAA Netball team in semi finals of M1 League Challenge

Congratulations to our C Division Netball team for topping their group table. They will be moving on to the semi-finals of the 2019 M1 League Challenge. Go Changkateers!

netball 1.jpg

30 April - CCSS partners the Singapore Youth Flying Club in the CCA STREAM programme

We are proud to announce that CCSS will be partnering with the Singapore Youth Flying Club in the CCA STREAM programme.

This collaboration will give a more holistic Aviation experience for our Changkateers, further enhancing our ALP programme.

SYF 1.jpg

SYF 2.jpg

9 April - 3rd runner up (East zone) for  National Scrabble Competition

Congratulations to our Changkateers for coming in as 3rd runner up in the East Zone. They are on their way to the grand finals of the National Scrabble Competition and we wish them all the best!


4 April - Changkateers moving on to Hwa Chong Institution and Victoria Junior College

Congratulations to Xin Tong and Shu Ting for achieving their goal of studying at Hwa Chong Institution and Victoria Junior College. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 as well  for doing well for their "O" Level Examinations!

Xintong A1 poster.jpgShu Ting A1 poster.jpg

30 January - Our Aviation Programme mentioned by CAAS

Here's another mention of our Aviation Programme. Thank you to Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for the shout out. It was truly a great experience for our students!

24 January - Our Aviation Programme is featured again!

Our Aviation Programme, SOAR, is featured again. Check out the video below to find out more.

A big thank you to ETD for this feature video!


7 August - NCC (Air) Girls' Second Runners-up in the 2nd Fitness Challenge

Congratulations to our NCC (Air) Girls' for their outstanding performance. The girls took part in their 2nd Fitness Challenge held at HQ NCC Campus on 3 Aug 2018, and the cadets emerged as the Second Runners-Up in the Girls category with their outstanding display of fitness, team effort, and confidence.

NCC Air Girls 1.jpg

18 July - NCDCC Achievements

Our NCDCC has done well and we're very pleased to share their achievements  🙌

1. They came in 7th place out of 18 schools for the NCDCC Dragon Battle and family day 2018, displaying their courage, commitment and teamwork as they paddled in synchronisation.

2. Warrant Officer Voo Zhan Li was awarded the prestigious 2018 SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Badge, the highest accolade given to outstanding cadets who are role model of excellence.

3. Our school NCDCC unit has also achieved Sliver for the UOPA Assessment 2017.
Great job guys 👍

NCDCC 1.jpg

22 May - 2nd Place in the National Text Recital Competition

Last Saturday, our students Chee Hui Zhen and Li Xuan (from 3E1) has emerged as 2nd place for national text recital competition, defeating sch such as Nanyang Girls’ High, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School etc.
Well done  

CL 1.jpg

CL 2.jpg

CL 3.jpg

CL 4.jpg

15 May - 2018 NCC Outstanding Cadet Award

Congratulations to the following cadets from our school who will be receiving the 2018 NCC Outstanding Cadet Award        👏 👏
(1) Abdul Hakim B Abdul Rashid
(2) Yeo Kee Xuan
(3) Nurul Aaliyah Deduyo
The Outstanding Cadet Award not only recognizes the efforts of outstanding cadets but also serves as an opportunity for cadet development, in the spirit of formative assessment.
Great job guys!

NCC 1.jpg

NCC 2.jpg

NCC 3.jpg

2 May - C.B.Paul Science competition achievements

Achievements of our students for the C.B.Paul Science competition organised by ACJC, NTU and NUS. So elated to see them receiving the Gold medal, Sliver medal and Certificates of Merit.

cb paul.jpg

26 April - East zone ICT Cyberwellness conference 2018 @ Ngee Ann Secondary School

East zone ICT Cyberwellness conference 2018 @ Ngee Ann Secondary School, Friday 13th April 2018. Part of being a R3ICH Changakteer is to be R3ICH in cybervalues.


17 April - Changkateers made it to the Quarter Finals of the NUS Geography Challenge!

More good news to share!

- A team of Changkateers have made it to the quarter finals of the NUS Geography Challenge!

- Another team of Changkateers are also through to the quarter finals of the National Debating Competition. In addition, Aaliyah was ranked as the 4th best speaker out of 22 schools during the preliminary round.

We wish them all the best and hope both teams will progress further in their respective competition!

NUS 1.jpg

NUS 2.jpg

12 April - C Division Girls Relay Team clinch 7th place in the 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m finals!

The training started nine months ago. With only one goal. To become a better version of themselves. To run faster than their previous race. Today that goal was achieved. As the resounding cheers came from the stands, our C Division Girls Relay Team did us proud by  ing 7th place in the 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m finals! A big thank you to everyone who came down to support them! It was truly a momentous milestone in Changkat's Track and Field history! Congratulations to the girls for being winners in their own right and giving their best! 

relay 1.jpg

relay 2.jpg

relay 4.jpg

relay 5.jpg

6 April – Changkateers moving on to Raffles Institution

Congratulations to Jiaqi and Qi Hui for achieving their goal of studying at Raffles Institution. Congratulations to the class of 2017 as well for doing well for their "O" Level Examinations!

Qihui A4

24 March – Changkateers at the Semi Finals of NUS Geography Challenge

Our Changkateers reached the semi finals of the NUS Geography Challenge. Great work!


24 March – Changkateers reached the Quarter Finals of the National Debating Competition

Our Changkateers won the preliminary rounds to go through to the quarter finals of the tournament. In addition, Aaliyah is ranked as the 4th best speaker out of 22 schools. We wish them all the best and hope they will progress further in the competition!


7 March – 400m Champion at NYP Invitational Track and Field Championships

Congratulations to Christine for winning the C Division Girls 400m at the NYP Invitational Track and Field Championship!

Christine 400m 

12 January – The Boys’ Brigade sweeps awards at 14th Pipe and Drums Festival

Our BB boys swept numerous awards in the recent 14th Pipes and Drums Festival which saw stiff competition from other schools. Sure and Steadfast! 

Band Category: 2nd 
Pipes Junior Novice: 2nd 
Pipes Senior Novice: 1st 
Snare Junior Novice: 1st 
Snare Senior Novice: 2nd 
Snare Senior Event 2: 2nd

BB Bagpipe 1

2 January – Ex-Changkateer Promoted to Cadet/Captain

Congratulations to our ex Changkateer Iryan Syazrian Bin Jefri for his promotion to the pinnacle rank of C/CPT (Cadet/Captain) in the National Cadet Corps. He is the first Changkateer in the Air District to achieve this rank. Iryan led the 1st Senior Specialist Leaders Course as the Overall In-Charge at the Headquarters level. Recently, in recognition of his dedication, he attended the International Cadet Exchange Programme Brunei (Jungle Training) and awarded the Commandant Coin. Well done Iryan!



26 September – Winners of the Gerbang Bahasa 2017

3 of our Changkateers took part in the 'Gerbang Bahasa 2017' competition in conjunction with Malay Language Month. The contestants had to design a digital poster promoting any aspect of the Malay Language.

We are pleased that all 3 Changkateers qualified as finalists with Khairunnisa clinching 10th position, Qashdina 5th position and Aliyyah emerging as the Overall Champion! The prize presentation ceremony was graced by the Minister for Education (Higher Education and skills), Mr Ong Ye Kung.

Our students' works will also be printed and circulated as postcards by Gambas MAEC. Well done!
GB 2017

21 August – Changkateer received the NDP Superstar Award

Congratulations to SSG Aaliyah Deduyo who won the NDP Superstar Award from the NCC Sea/Air Contingent!

This award is presented to the cadet who has shown outstanding commitment over the 16 weeks of intensive training for the actual NDP Parade. Well done! 


2 August – Changkateers meet female Afghan pilot

Some of our Changkateers had a fruitful learning experience yesterday!  A group of Changkateers had the chance to meet Ms Shaesta, an Afghan-American female pilot who is flying around the world to promote Aviation and STEM in education. The session was also featured in the Newpaper today!

We thank our partners CAAS and Rolls-Royce for giving us these wonderful opportunities. 

Pilot 3Pilot 4Pilot 1Pilot 2

22 July – Changkat receives Thank You plaque at the Istana

Changkat Changi Secondary School is honoured to be presented with a Thank You Plaque award by Girl Guides Singapore during their centenary year at a ceremony in the Istana. It is a partnership that has enabled many of our Changkateers to blossom and grow, and much of the credit goes to our dedicated teachers in charge! 

GG 2GG 1 GG 3

22 July – Collaboration with South East CDC and Changi Simei Grassroots

Our Changkateers had a busy month serving our Community, putting our vision of Serving with Humility into practice.

First, our Changkateers had a Community Laboratory Pitching Session in collaboration with South East CDC.

They presented their ideas on ways to improve the community to Dr Maliki, District Councillor and representatives from East Coast Town Council. It was a meaningful and enriching event for our Changkateers, in line with our school vision of Serving with Humility. 


Our Changkateers also joined the clean up effort together with Changi Simei grassroots and our MP, Ms Jessica Tan.

A meaningful way to spend a fine Saturday morning while serving the community with humility! 


7 July – Changkateers showcasing their talents!

School has just started but our Changkateers are already up and running with a flurry of activities!

1. Our Changkateer, Khalid was selected to be the emcee at the SYF Showcase at the Esplanade! And he did a great job!

2. Another of our Changkateer Sasank was also in action at West Mall and did an awesome job emceeing the event. 


4 July – Founder’s Award Recipients

Celebrating the achievements of Changkateers! Adrian and He Li were our recipients of the Boys' Brigade Founder's Award 2017.

It's the highest achievement to be given to those in the Senior Programme.

The award was given out by Mr Desmond Lee, Minister in the Prime Minister's office. Our Principal, Miss Sharma was there to show her support!


16 June – Prize Winners from Singapore Model United Nations

Three of our Changkateers who participated in the recent SMUN (Singapore Model United Nations) won two awards! Tyvorique Ong from 3E1 won the Best Article. Mikael Shahrom from 3E2 and Aaliyah Deduyo from 3E1 both won the Best Position Paper. A first for Changkat Changi Secondary!

Mun 1MUN 2MUN 4

14 June – Changkateers taking part in the Ignite Challenge 2017

Three 2T1 students took part in the Dream Glider skills IgnITE challenge and came in third position. They had to make a plane with materials provided and fly it as far as they could. Three girls from 3T1 also came in third in the Derma Rouge skills IgnITE challenge. They had to duplicate wounds on a model using household items.

Well done Changkateers! 

ignite 1ignite 2ignite 3

8 June – NCC (Air) Boys cadet awarded the Commandant Coin

Congratulations to Abdul Hakim from the NCC (Air) Boys to have received the Commandant Coin.

During the Senior Specialist Leaders Course, the cadets had to complete the Fitness Challenge & Road Relay. Only the top team with the fastest timing will be awarded the Commadant Coin.

Hakim is one of the two Air District cadets who earned this coin and the first Changkateer from NCC to have won this coin! Way to go Hakim! 

NCC Air Coin 2NCC Coin

1 to 8 June – Aviation Learning Journey to Toulouse, France!


Our Changkateers have flown off to Toulouse, France, on an exciting Aerospace and Aviation learning journey! One of the highlights of this trip will be a rare and exclusive chance to visit the Airbus assembly plant. A big thank you to Mr Ivan Neo, our SAC Chairman, for his help in arranging this learning journey!

30 May – The Boys’ Brigade strike Gold again

BB 1BB 2BB 3 

Our Boys' Brigade have obtained the JM Fraser Gold Award for 7 consecutive years! Well done to our Changkateers both past and present from the Boys' Brigade, our dedicated teachers and VALs for maintaining this outstanding achievement!

30 May – Complimentary Letter for our Changkateers

EP 1EP 2EP 3EP 4 

We would like to end the term with another complimentary letter for our Changkateers! Their good deed was also reaffirmed during morning assembly. " We would like to commend four lower secondary students from Changkat Changi Secondary School for taking the initiative to report a missing child at Eastpoint Mall on 9 May 17, 12pm – 2pm. 

1. Lim Dallas 
2. Lai Chong Bao 
3. Tan Gin Han 
4. Chia Jun Wei 

They went beyond their call as students and took initiative to bring the missing four year old child to our shopping mall. Not only did they bring the child to our Customer Service, they also spent a good 1 hour with the child to ensure his parent came to look for him before leaving. They were also very clear in relaying information to both our security and the police which helped greatly in shortening the time taken in reuniting the missing child with his parent. 

We would like to express our gratitude for the assistance that they have rendered and we would like to highly commend them. We would greatly appreciate if you can relay our special thanks to them for their initiative and big hearts at such a young age. 
Thank you and Best Regards, Sabrina Ng (on behalf of Eastpoint Mall)" We thank Ms Sabrina Ng for her affirmation on our Changkateers' action which embodies one of our school's mission of Serving with Humility.

30 May – Changkateers featured in Lianhe Zaobao

ZB1ZB 2ZB 3 

Our Changkateers were interviewed and featured for their work on the pictorial book that the school have published recently! Both Charlotte and Geraldine came up with the drawing and storyline together!

The story from the pictorial book was published by Lianhe Zaobao in their Thumbs Up Little Junior, a bi-weekly publication for pre-school children! Nathan Hartono left his autograph on the books as well!

25 May – Winners at C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz 2017

Our Changkateers performed well in the 39th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz, obtaining the Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Honourable Mention.

Well done, Sizhuang, Wang Lu and Dave Aarohi!

20 May – Changkat Teacher receiving Award

Hadi 1Hadi 2Hadi 3

6 May – Changkateers at the Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony 2017


Our Changkateer Zakiah was chosen to be one of the emcees during the Rakan Bahasa appointment ceremony 2017 in conjuction with the National Malay Language Month. Two other Changkateers Nur Rindiani and Nisha Sulaiman also took part in the event. Well done!

24 April – SYF Distinction Award for our Malay Dancers

syf 4SYFSYF 3

A distinction award for our Malay Dancers at the 2017 SYF! They have soared and reached their dreams through many hours of hard work and dedication!

21 April – Our Staff sharing at East Zone Professional Sharing Day

sharing 2sharing 3sharing 4sharing 

Our staff shared their joy of teaching to fellow educators at the East Zone COE T&L Professional Sharing Day . And our Changkateers came along to help out too!

31 March – Runner-up position at the National Young Writers’ Festival

31 march

15 February – Changkateers caught in the Act of Kindness


Congratulations to the Class of 2018 as well  for doing well for their "O" Level Examinations!