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Academic Achievements

2022 Achievements


NUS Geography Challenge 2022
- Top Performing individual (Silver)


43rd International C.B Paul Science Quiz 
- Gold Award
- Silver Award
- Merit Award


Singapore Raffles International Music Festival Viola Competition
- Gold Award

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2022
- Best Presentation (2nd Place)
- Best Creative and Aesthetic (3rd Place)

VJC Singapore Model Cabinet Competition
- Best Position Paper

2021 Achievements

English Drama Society
- SYF 2021 (Certification of Accomplishment)

Malay Language
NUS Bisikan Pena Short Story Writing Competition
- All top three positions

Chinese Language
4th Primary and Secondary School Chinese Language Text Recital Competition
- Lower Secondary Individual Award (Silver)
- Upper Secondary Group Award (Silver)

VJC Singapore Model Cabinet
 - Outstanding Position Paper Category: ( 1st) & (2nd) position 

2020 Achievements

UNSW Global Assessment (ICAS 2020)
- 2 Distinction, 2 Credit, 2 Merit

Australian Mathematics Competition
- 1 High Distinction, 4 Distinctions, 9 Credits

NUS Geography Challenge 2020
- Top Performing individual (Bronze)

Chinese Language
3rd Text Recital Competition
- 3rd place in the upper secondary category

3rd Nanyang Chinese Youth Literary Awards 2020
- Excellence Award

Malay Language
Pena Emasku (ML Composition Writing Competition)
- 4 GOLD Awards

89.7FM RIA Skoolz student DJ Talent Search
- Winners

Tamil Language
Navarasa Thiruvizha 2020
- 4th Place for Skit Competition

Drone Odyssey Challenge
- Drone Obstacle Challenge (Best Drone Flying Award)
- Drone Performance Challenge (2nd place)
- Drone Coding Challenge (Certificates of Distinction for being the top scorers)

2019 Achievements

C.B. Paul Memorial Quiz
- 1 Bronze, 1 Merit

Singapore Mathematics Kangaroo Competition
- 2 Bronze 
NUS Geography Challenge 2019
- Top Performing individual (Gold)

Chinese Language
17th National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition 
- 1st

2nd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools 
- Gold Award

Malay Language
Sayembara Sastera (Recitation)
- Champion

National Writing Competition 
- 2nd

2018 Achievements

C.B. Paul Memorial Quiz
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver

NUS Geography Challenge
- Geo-Trail Competition - Semi Finals

Malay Language
Bahas 4PM National Debate Competition 
- Quarter Finals 
- Nurul Aaliyah Deduyo won the Top 10 Debator Award

2017 Achievements

National Young Writers' Festival 
Runner Up


Australian Mathematics Competition 

2 Higher Distinction (Top 2%), 4 Distinctions 


C.C. Paul Memorial Science Quiz 

Certificate of Honourable Mention and Certificate of Merit


NUS Geography Challenge
Creative Component Open Category Award - Top 2 

Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN)
Best Article and Best Position Paper

S.O.A.R (Aerospace and Aviation Programme) 

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition

Most Creative Award - 2nd

2016 Achievements

National Schools Literature Festival

Tan Wei Lun Alan won the Flash Fiction competition (Upper Secondary Category)

C.B. Paul Science Quiz

4 Merits, 1 Honourable Mention and 1 Silver Medal

UNSW Science Competition
10 Merits, 7 Credits, 2 Distinctions and 1 Higher Distinction


Singapore and Indonesia Mathematics Competition
4 Gold and 4 Silver


13th Session of the Singapore Model United Nations 2016
 Hoh Kah Yee was awarded the Best Agency in Press Corps

NUS Geography Challenge 2016

Revan Rao was awarded the Bronze medal

Chinese Language

Chinese Language Challenge
- Wang Ruyi achieved Top 10 Scorer Award

Malay Language

Annual Drama Soliloquy
- Shafiq and Aaliyah came in 1st and 3rd position

Craft and Technology

St. Andrew Secondary School Millennium Car Race
- 3rd position in Motorised Car
- 3rd position Mechanical Design

S.O.A.R (Aerospace and Aviation Programme) 

Youth Mission to Mars at NASA, Houston
Excellence in Mission Design in Scientific Challenge and Commercial Presentation