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Direct School Admission through Learning for Life Programme (LLP)


In 2014, Changkat Changi Secondary School started it’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) titled ““Service and Leadership through School To Nation”. The programme aims to develop leaders who are able to impact the community positively. The programme develops the leadership qualities in students and also involve them in planning and carrying out Values in Action (VIA) projects to improve the school and community. The programme hopes to develop student leaders who are active advocates for causes that they are passionate about.

These students will be given opportunities to attend leadership training and camps. The school works closely with various community partners to help students understand issues that various communities face. Students will also be given opportunities to lead their peers in organising and completing Values in Action projects to act on the issues that communities face. Through this experience, the LLP is able to help develop students who possess important 21st century competencies.

IMG_2522        IMG_2980

Changkateers bringing joy at St. Andrew's Community Hospital


Changkateers spreading the festive mood to the Simei Community

Sec 1 camp students       Sec 3 Level Camp
Changkateers at training camps

Admission Criteria

Changkat Changi Secondary School is looking for Primary 6 students who possess at least one of the following:

1) Service - Applicants should show keen interest and have experiences in serving their school and community.
2) Leadership - Applicants should have experience in performing a leadership role in Primary school.
3) Character - Applicants should minimally have a 'Good' conduct grade consistently throughout their Primary school education.

Students who are shortlisted will be invited to an interview.


Application Process

  1. Students seeking entry have to complete the relevant application form .
  2. All completed application forms together with the relevant supporting documents must be submitted to

Changkat Changi Secondary School 

23 Simei St 3 Singapore 529894

  1. Application forms via fax and electronic mail will not be accepted.
  2. Application timeline for 2018 is as follows:
    Date Event
    30 July 2018, 5.00 pm Closing date of submission of application form
    6 August to 7 August 2018 Notification of short-listed candidates
    13 August to 17 August 2018 School-based interview for shortlisted applicants.
    By 31 August 2018 All applicants will receive a reply from the school on the outcome of the application as follows:

    (i) Confirmed Offer (CO),
    (ii) Waiting List (WL) or
    (iii) Rejected.
    29 October 2018 Students studying in MOE schools, with a confirmed offer or on waiting list, will be issued with School Preference Form ( by respective primary schools).

    Those not studying in MOE schools are to collect their School Preference forms from MOE Customer Service Centre.
    29 October to 2 November 2018 School Preference form to be submitted physically at respective primary schools or online via the DSA-Sec Internet System (DSA-Sec IS)
    22 to 26 November 2018 Release of DSA-Sec Results with PSLE results

Why join us?

Our LLP programme aims to develop leaders who have the skills and competency to improve the community around them. The programme aims to develop social advocates who are able to influence people and help others in the community.
Students who go through the programme will benefit from developing their 21st century competencies which will help them stand out.

To do so, all lower secondary students will take part in Project Work where they will be able to develop solutions to school based and community problems. Students will also go through leadership training to help develop their skills in influencing others. For upper secondary students, they will go through advanced leadership training through workshops and camps. In addition, they will be given opportunities to work with the community via organisations such as PA, CDCs, others.


  1. How many places can CCSS Secondary offer in DSA Exercise?
    Our school may offer up to a maximum of 20% of the total Secondary 1 intake for the year.

  1. How will the LLP value-add to my child?
    Students will have the opportunity to develop their own leadership skills and also utilise these leadership skills in carrying out community improvement project. This skill sets acquired during the LLP will be useful soft skills which are highly sought after in the workforce.

  1. My child is an international student / Home-schooled / returning Singapore Citizen / SPR not studying in a local school. Can he/she apply for DSA?
    For all candidates who are not studying in MOE mainstream primary schools, they are to obtain a Registration Number (RGxxxxxxx) from MOE Customer Service Centre upon the start of the DSA Exercise, which will be made known through the media in early May.For all International Students, students are required to take the AEIS (Admissions Exercise for International Students) test for any admission into mainstream secondary schools. Kindly visit the MOE website here for more information.
    For information on returning Singaporeans, kindly find the information here.

  1. Do my child/ward have to take the PSLE?
    Students who take up Confirmed Offers or Waiting List Offers by schools during the DSA-Sec Exercise are still required to take the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Those who take up Confirmed Offers are guaranteed a place in the school that has extended them an offer, provided that their PSLE results meet the minimum requirement for a course [Express/ Normal (Academic)/ Normal (Technical)] offered by the school. Should the child obtain a PSLE score that lies between 2 streams, he/she will be able to opt for the preferred stream.

  1. Can my child/ward apply for transfer after getting a confirmed place?
    Similar to previous years, students who have been admitted to a school through the DSA-Sec Exercise will not be able to participate in the centralised Secondary One Posting Exercise.Students who have been successfully allocated to a school via the DSA-Sec Exercise are expected to honour their commitment to their posted DSA-Sec schools and will thus not be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results.

For more information on our LLP, please  click here .