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Direct School Admission through Applied Learning Programme (S.O.A.R)


In 2015, Changkat Changi Secondary School launched its Applied Learning Programme (ALP) titled S.O.A.R. (Student centered Opportunities for AeRospace Industry). The ALP aims to develop knowledge and skills of applied learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for our students, as well as prepare them with 21st century competencies. By developing a curriculum based on skills relevant to the aerospace and aviation management industry, our students experience a wide range of aviation related activities and enrichment. 

Students with a track record in STEM based activities and a passion for aviation and aerospace will be admitted to the school through the DSA-Sec Exercise. These students will also have opportunities to represent the school in aviation and aerospace competitions such as Singapore Amazing Flying Machine (SAFM), go on learning journeys to other countries such as France to learn more about aerospace and aviation, as well as go on learning journeys to aviation companies such as Airbus etc. 


Our Sec 1 Changkateers making gliders during ALP lessons

Our Sec 2 Changkateers programming drones using ipads!


Our Changkateers visiting Aviation industries such as SIA Engineering Company 

Admission Criteria

Changkat Changi Secondary School is looking for Primary 6 students who possess at least one of the following:

  • passion and aptitude in the Aerospace or Aviation Industries
  • talent and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • participated or attained any levels of achievements in STEM related competitions
  • hold leadership positions in STEM-related clubs or societies (e.g. Science club, ICT club etc)
Students who are shortlisted will be invited to an interview.


Our Changkateers taking part in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition to build gliders


Students passionate about Aviation were selected to visit Airbus in Toulouse, France

Application Process
  1. From the 2019 DSA-Sec, all students will apply for DSA-Sec through a centralised DSA-Sec Portal to all DSA-Sec schools (except School of the Arts (SOTA) and Singapore Sports School (SSP)), instead of individually to each school. 

  2. More details on application can be found at MOE DSA-Sec website .

  3. Application timeline for 2019 is as follows: 

  4. Date Event
    8 May to 4 June 2019, 3 pm Submit your child's application online through the DSA-Sec portal by 3pm on the final day.
    5 August to 9 August 2019 School's notification of short-listed candidates
    12 August to 23 August 2019 School-based interview for shortlisted applicants.
    By 30 August 2019 All applicants will receive a reply from the school on the outcome of the application as follows:

    (i) Confirmed Offer(CO),
    (ii) Waiting List (WL) or
    (iii) Rejected.
    21 October to 25 October 2019, 3pm DSA-Sec applicants who receive at least one DSA-Sec offer (including from SOTA) and are studying in MOE mainstream schools will each receive a School Preference Form on 21 Oct 2019 through their primary schools.

    Those not studying in MOE mainstream schools will need to collect their School Preference Forms on 21 Oct 2019 from MOE Customer Service Centre.

    After receiving the School Preference Form, DSA-Sec applicants may indicate up to three school preferences. Applicants may submit their school preferences through the MOE online system, or by submitting the completed School Preference Form (in hardcopy) to their primary schools if they study in mainstream schools. DSA-Sec offers not taken up will be considered as lapsed at the end of the School Preference Submission period.

    Late November 2019 Release of DSA-Sec Results with PSLE results

Why Join Us?

Our unique ALP provides our students exposure to Aerospace and Aviation industries through STEM based learning. We hope that the ALP can ignite students’ passion and prepare them for knowledge necessary for these growing industries.

To do so, all lower secondary students will undergo lessons in the ALP curriculum involving elements of STEM, Aeronautics and 21st century competencies . Some of these lessons activities include building of glider planes, as well as programming of drones. For upper secondary students, they also get to visit tertiary institutions such as Temasek Polytechnic, attend aviation based enrichment workshops, join Aerospace based competitions and visit Aviation related industries.

Our Secondary 3 Changkateers attending Temasek Polytechnic Aerospace learning journey

Our Sec 3 Changkateers attending education pathway talks at Temasek Polytechnic Aerospace faculty

Our Secondary 3 Changkateers attending the Airbus 380 Assembly workshop

Our students visiting the Singapore Changi Airport group


Outreach on STEM and Careers in Rolls-Royce in 2018


  1. How many places can Changkat Changi Secondary offer in DSA Exercise?
    Our school may offer up to a maximum of 20% of the total Secondary 1 intake for the year.

  1. What is meant by the niche area in Student centred Opportunities in AeRospace industries Applied Learning Program (ALP)?
    S.O.A.R.(Student centered Opportunities for AeRospace Industry) is our school ALP which aims to develop in our students knowledge and skills Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that are relevant to the Aviation industry. Students joining the school will also be equipped with 21st century competencies in their ALP lessons.

  1. How does it value-add to my child?
    By developing a curriculum based on the aerospace and aviation management industry, our students experience a range of aviation related activities and enrichment. Your child may be selected to be in tier 2 of the ALP where he/she may represent the school in competitions. Your child will also receive opportunities to enhance their portfolio through relevant AEMs, visits to industry partners and understand the career opportunities better. They can also pursue further in this area through visits to industry partners and education institutions.

  1. My child is an international student / Home-schooled / returning Singapore Citizen / SPR not studying in a local school. Can he/she apply for DSA?
    For all candidates who are not studying in MOE mainstream primary schools, they are to obtain a Registration Number (RGxxxxxxx) from MOE Customer Service Centre upon the start of the DSA Exercise, which will be made known through the media in early May.

    For all International Students, students are required to take the AEIS (Admissions Exercise for International Students) test for any admission into mainstream secondary schools. Kindly visit the MOE website here for more information

    For information on returning Singaporeans, kindly find the information here.
  1. Do my child/ward have to take the PSLE?
    Students who take up Confirmed Offers or Waiting List Offers by schools during the DSA-Sec Exercise are still required to take the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Those who take up Confirmed Offers are guaranteed a place in the school that has extended them an offer, provided that their PSLE results meet the minimum requirement for a course [Express/ Normal (Academic)/ Normal (Technical)] offered by the school. Should the child obtain a PSLE score that lies between 2 streams, he/she will be able to opt for the preferred stream.

  1. Can my child/ward apply for transfer after getting a confirmed place?
    Similar to previous years, students who have been admitted to a school through the DSA-Sec Exercise will not be able to participate in the centralised Secondary One Posting Exercise. Students who have been successfully allocated to a school via the DSA-Sec Exercise are expected to honour their commitment to their posted DSA-Sec schools and will thus not be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results.

  For more information on our S.O.A.R programme, please click here .