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National Education/VIA

MOE CIP/Service Learning Framework
CIP nurtures our students to become socially responsible and develops their sense of belonging and commitment to our country. Through participating in community work, students also learn the value of service and develop lasting friendships with one another. 
Service Learning is an approach where CIP participants not only serve the community, but also learn to identify with the needs of the community and to reflect on their own experience in working with the community so that they have a better understanding and appreciation of what it involves.

CCSS Framework

CIP in Changkat Changi Secondary School is tied closely with the National Education messages. An NE message for the school, "Singapore is Our Homeland" forms the foundation where what we do stems from our love for the nation. Every level then anchors an NE message where the  CIP/Service Learning rendered should be based upon. CIP/Service Learning activities would include Flag Day collection, Donation Booklets/Cards, Service Learning projects.  

  • Secondary 1 NE Message: No one owes Singapore a living Activities: 1. Donation Cards 2. Newspaper Collection
  • Secondary 2 NE Message: We must preserve racial and religious harmony Activities: 1. Donation Cards 2. Project Work which incorporates elements of Service Learning or CIP
  • Secondary 3 NE: We must ourselves defend Singapore Activities: 1. Donation Cards 2. Flag Day 3. Service Learning Project
  • Secondary 4/5 NE Message: We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility. We have confidence in our future. Activities: 1. Donation Cards 2. Flag Day 3. Service Learning Project