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  • School Attire
  • Appearance
  • General Conduct
  • Punctuality and Attendance

School Attire

1. Wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
2. Wear the school uniform neatly at all time within and outside the school compound.
3. Wear the school tie during the morning assembly until they are dismissed from the Parade Square.
4. Wear plain white shoes, socks and shoelaces (socks worn must be visible above the ankles).
5. Students are not allowed to wear slippers or sandals to school, unless they have an MC. Letters from parents or guardians are not accepted.
6. Students must wear their school uniform whenever they are in school, even during school holidays.

Attire and CCA Attire
1. Wear the prescribed school PE T-shirt and shorts for PE lessons. 2. PE T-shirts must be neatly tucked in. 3. The school uniform must be worn after PE lessons. 4. Wear the appropriate CCA attire required for the CCA.


For Girls

1. Girls with shoulder-length hair or longer, must tie it up with either a black / green / white band.
2. Perming of hair is not allowed.
3. Punk and fanciful hairstyles are strictly forbidden,
4. Hair must not be tinted or dyed. Girls with naturally-coloured hair must produce a letter from a doctor certifying that it is natural.
5. Length of skirt must be at knee level or longer.
6. Girls are not allowed to wear makeup.
7. Nail polish or henna dye is not allowed.
8. Jewellery of any kind if not allowed except for a pair of eat-studs.

For Boys
1. Hair must be short, slope-cut and neat.
2. The fringe must be above the eyebrows.
3. Hair must not touch or cover the ears and shirt collar.
4. Punk and fanciful hairstyles are strictly forbidden.
5. Hair must not be tinted or dyed. Boys with naturally coloured hair must produce a letter from a doctor certifying that is natural.
6. All forms of body piercing are not allowed.
7. Nails must be short and clean.
8. All boys must be clean shaven and no wearing of beards and moustaches.

1. Permanent or temporary tattoos (including henna), visible or covered, are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
2. Students must produce documentary proof that they have begun the process of tattoo removal by a certified doctor before they are allowed back to school.

1. No face, body, tongue or multiple piercings are allowed. Spectacles and Contact Lens 1. Coloured contact lenses and tinted spectacles are not allowed.

General Conduct

  1. Students must be courteous and respectful to all teaching and non-teaching staff at all times.
  2. Students must not insult any member of the school staff and fellow students through the Internet via blogs, websites or other forms of communication or social media platforms such as SMS, MMS, Twitter or Facebook. Students will be held responsible for any posts on any devices or sites that they own or manage.
  3. Students must show pride in and uphold the good name of the school by ensuring that they are at their best behaviour in public, whether in school uniform or not.
  4. All students must stand to greet the teacher when the teacher enters the room. When the teacher completes the lesson and leaves the room, students must stand and thank the teacher.
  5. Monitor, Assistant Monitors and Student Councillors are to supervise and maintain discipline in the teachers’ absence.
  6. Movement from classroom to classroom or special rooms and along the corridors must be carried out in a quiet and orderly manner.
  7. Students must be attentive during lessons.
  8. Students must not loiter during change of periods or curriculum time.
  9. Students must ask for the teacher’s permission to leave the classroom and they are to display the class pass prominently on their shirt/blouse.
  10. Students must bring all the books they need for daily lessons. No borrowing of books or materials is allowed.
  11. Students are not allowed to change seats in class without permission.
  12. Students are not allowed to be in the classroom during recess.
  13. All students must attend recess assembly.
  14. All students are responsible for the cleanliness of their classrooms.
  15. Students must take care of their personal belongings and valuables as well as handle all school property with care.
  16. Any students found guilty of breaking, misusing or vandalising school property will have to pay for the repairs or replacement.
  17. There should be no loitering, playing or gathering in groups under the HDB void decks before or after school hours.
  18. There should be no playing basketball or street soccer while wearing the school uniform.
  19. Students are strongly discouraged from bringing handphones, MP3 players or other unauthorised electronic devices to school. If these devices are used during curriculum time, they will be confiscated and returned later. Students who wish to have their devices returned earlier will need to ask their parent or guardian to collect them from the DM, OM and DA.
  20. Food and drinks must be consumed within the canteen vicinity only.

During the Flag-Raising Ceremony

  1. All classes must assemble at the parade square for morning assembly.
  2. Students must read an English storybook for silent reading during the morning assembly.
  3. In case of bad weather, all classes are to assemble in the school hall.
  4. If the hall is occupied, all students will return to their respective classrooms for morning assembly and attendance taking.
  5. It is compulsory for all teachers and students to stand at attention when the State and School flags are raised.
  6. Classes can leave the assembly area only after instruction has been given to do so. Classes must leave in a quiet and orderly manner.
During a Test or Examination

  1. Students must be neatly and properly attired when they present themselves for examinations.
  2. Students must be punctual for their examinations. No extra time will be given to students who are late.
  3. Students who are absent from their examinations must produce a medical certificate.
  4. Students will not be allowed to re-sit for any examination paper, even if they have a valid medical certificate.
  5. Students are required to bring their own writing and mathematical instruments such as calculators, set-squares, compasses, protractors and rulers, as these will not be supplied.
  6. Borrowing or sharing of stationary is not allowed.
  7. Students are allowed to use MOE approved dictionaries and calculators.
  8. If a student is caught cheating, such as

    1. attempts to obtain unfair assistance OR
    2. copies from another candidate or allows his/her to be copied by another candidate; OR
    3. possesses books, notes, memoranda or any other reference material not authorised for use in the examination; OR
    4. possesses electronic devices (e.g. PDA, MP3 players) communication devices (e.g. mobile phones) and computerised aids (e.g. computerised wristwatches) capable of storing and displaying visual and verbal information prohibited in the examination/quarantine room; OR
    5. removes any used or unused writing paper from the room,

he/she will be graded ‘zero’ for that paper. He/she may also be graded ‘zero’ for those papers that he/she has sat for prior to the cheating offence and be barred from the rest of the examination.

Punctuality and Attendance

  1. All students must attend school regularly and punctually by 7.20am on normal school days.
  2. Attendance is compulsory for all school days, special functions and enrichment programmes organised by the school.
  3. All students must attend lessons or school events punctually. Any student who is repeatedly late for lessons, PE or school events without valid reasons, will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  4. When a student is absent from school, an MC must be submitted to the Form Teacher immediately when the student returns to school.
  5. If a student falls ill in school, the staff in the general office will contact his/her parent and make arrangements for him/her to leave school. No student will be allowed to go home without their parent’s consent.
  6. If a student has to leave the school prior to the dismissal time, a letter from the parents or relevant authorities must be given to the Form Teacher, stating the reason for early dismissal.
  7. Students applying for early dismissal from school during school hours, must, in the presence of the Head of Department, Vice-Principal, Principal, Operations Manager or Discipline Assistant, call their parents to take them home.
  8. Students are not allowed to apply leave for leisure or holidays during school terms, including the bridging programmes.