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Education Career Guidance

Level Emphasis
Sec 1 and 2 Awareness and Exploration
Sec 3 and 4 Exploration and Planning
3 questions: 4 Themes:
• Who am I? Self-Awareness and Personal Management
• Where am I going? Awareness of relational Support and Decision Influencers
• How do I get there? Exploring the Education Landscape and Planning Pathways
Career/Occupational Clusters Exploration

CCSS ECG Outcome

Students are able to make decisions at key education stage so as to manage their career and learning after secondary education.

CCSS ECG Approach 2015

Making the teaching and learning of ECG more explicit via the following:
• Awareness: Information to make an informed choice
• Exploration: Integration of information and see linkages of own learning to the future
• Planning: Taking action to progress from one stage of education to the next

Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)

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Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP)

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