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Mother Tongue

Head of Department: Ms Goh Ying Hsuan 

Subject Head: Mdm Hezrina Bte Johan Manikam

Lead Teacher: Dr Perema D/O Ramasamy
Lead Teacher: Mr Djohan Abdul Rahman

Chinese Language Teachers:
Mdm Tan Sai Kee
Ms Teo Ying Hui
Mr Wang Yadong
Ms Poh Shi Hui

Malay Language Teachers:
Mr Abdul Matiin bin Kassim
Ms Nurain Bte Tajudeen
Mdm Nur Umaira Bte Muhd Zulkifi

Tamil Language Teachers: 
Mdm Anadhagirl Kasthuri
Dr Thirunavukarasu Duarisamy

The Mother Tongue Department aims to nurture active learners who can use the Mother Tongue language to communicate proficiently in everyday life. Through various learning platforms, students learn the importance of the subject and deepen their understanding of their ethnic roots and cultures. Teachers are also exposed to professional development opportunities to enhance their pedagogical skills.

Key Programmes:

  • Festive celebrations: Chinese New Year & Deepavali 
  • Language Proficiency and Cultural Exposure: Reading Programme, MTL Fortnight/Camp, Author-in-Residence Programme 
  • Just-In-Time Revision: MT Intensive Programme for graduating classes 
  • Professional Development and Collaboration: Cluster and National sharing on Teaching and Learning strategies

Achievements in 2020:

Chinese Language
The 3rd Singapore Primary and Secondary School Text Recital Competition
- Gold Award and overall 3rd
3rd Nanyang Chinese Youth Literary Awards 2020
- Outstanding Award

Malay Language
Pena Emasku (ML Composition Writing Competition)
- 4 GOLD Awards
89.7FM RIA Skoolz student DJ Talent Search
- Winners
Malay Language Student Ambassadors (Rakan Bahasa) in conjunction with the Annual Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month)
- Nomination

Tamil Language
Navarasa Thiruvizha 2020
- 4th Place for Skit Competition

Mid-autumn celebrations.jpg

Mid-autumn celebrations

Making terracotta figurine.jpg

Making terracotta figurine

School Twinning Paper Cutting.jpg

School Twinning Paper Cutting

Debate Team in Action.jpg

Debate Team in Action

Rakan Bahasa.jpg

Rakan Bahasa

LJ to Indian Heritage centre.jpg

Learning Journey to Indian Heritage centre

LJ to UPTLC.jpg

Learning Journey to UPTLC