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Head of Department: Mr Ho Beng Khiaw

Level Head: Mr Poh Wei En

Maths Teachers:
Ms Debi Lim
Ms Gina Si
Mr Glen Tan
Ms Huang Yaling
Mdm Habsa Sulaiman
Mr Helmi Idris
Ms Jocina Tan
Mr Kelvin Yap
Ms Lau Wei Yi Jenny
Mr Low Swee Tat
Mdm Mufeedah Senin
Ms Ong Hui Yan
Mrs Peh Siew Yin
Mr Quek Ming Yeow
Mr Samuel Tay
Mr Tan Tze Siong

POA Teachers: 

Mrs Aileen Kor,
Ms Geraldine Koon

The Mathematics department aims to develop students into effective problem-solvers who are resilient and possess a love for learning.  Through the use of a range of pedagogical tools and strategies, teachers seek to bring about engaged learning in the subjects.

Key Programmes:

  • Experiential Learning & Overseas Learning Journey
    • Gardens by the Bay – Sec 1s
    • Bedok Reservoir Trail – Sec 2s
    • Hong Kong – Sec 3E/NA
  • Collaborative Learning via Problem Solving – Sec 1E
  • POA Learning Journey – Sec 3NA
  • Talent Development Programme
    • Kangaroo Mathematics Competition – Sec 1 – 3 NA/NT
    • Australian Mathematics Competition – Sec 1 – 3E
    • NUS Statistical Poster Competition – Sec 4E/N & 5N
  • Mathematics Week – All levels & streams
  • Professional Learning Teams
  • Student Learning Space

Achievements in the Australian Mathematics Competition 2017:

  • 36% Distinction and Credit awards
  • 64% Proficiency awards
  • Best in school award winner: Tan Jin Han from 2E2





POA Learning Journey - 1.jpg

POA Learning Journey - 3.jpg

POA Learning Journey