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Head of Department: Mr Kenneth Chong

Subject Head : Ms Huang Aili

Senior Teacher: Mdm Adibah Bte Abbas

Ms Norhafizah Bte Ma’arof
Ms Nuraini Abu Bakar
Ms Nur Azrin Abdullah
Ms Rachel Tang
Mdm Rosazlin Bte Mohamad
Mr Sebastian Thng
Mdm Shahnaz d/o Sheikh Abdul Karim
Mr Venkateswaran Balakrishnan
Mr Matthew Chan
Mr Mohamed Syafiq Bin Mohamed Rafid
Ms Audra Amir Liow
Mdm Katherine Yeung See Mun
Miss Aliah Aman Aljunied
Mr Yeo Shao Hui Timothy

Mr Clarence Cheong

The English Language Department aims to develop students into empathetic communicators, discerning readers and creative inquirers who are confident and competent in their use of the English Language. To this end, the department offers structured programmes which allow students to discover their passions in the various language areas. In particular, the Public Speaking Programme helps our students grow as orators.

Key Programmes:

  • English Literature Enrichment workshops 
  • Talent Development Programme 
  • Public Speaking Programme 
  • English Drama Society 
  • Public Speaking competitions & platforms 
  • Creative Writing competitions & platforms

This year, the English Drama Society has come under the fold of the English Language Department’s Talent Development Programme where students will develop both their oratorical skills and in the performing arts. One of our student, Siti Hawa Binte Mohamad Isa (3E2) was also selected as emcee for the SYFgoesOnline Presentations. Our EL teachers continue to be professionally developed by redesigning the school curriculum according to the new EL Syllabus 2020.

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