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Principal's Message

We would like to warmly welcome our Secondary 1 Changkateers and their parents into the Changkat family. We believe that every Changkateer who enters our gates has dreams, passion and talents waiting to be discovered. We believe that education is a journey of self-discovery where our Changkateers, regardless of their background and starting points, have many opportunities to dream and discover their unique strengths and interests, and develop these into talents driven by their passion to learn, serve and succeed. We place a premium on the holistic development of our students, mindfully creating experiences for our Changkateers to discover the joy of learning and cultivate a disposition to learn for life.

This year, we have envisioned the theme ‘Dream, Discover, Destiny’ to guide all our endeavours. Our fundamental belief is that learning is a lifelong pursuit and we enable authentic learning opportunities for our Changkateers so that they can pursue their dreams, discover boundless possibilities while embracing their destiny to play a critical role as active contributors in society. We encourage our Changkateers to appreciate how they are the masters of their own destiny and give them the confidence to develop as individuals imbued with a strong moral compass, as well as equipped with 21st century skills and dispositions to thrive in the future.

My staff and I are committed to nurturing our Changkateers to see vast possibilities in our interconnected world and to seize opportunities to make it a better place for all. All staff recognise their calling as educators to bring out the best in each Changkateer, inspiring them to dream big, discover their personal strengths so that they can constantly strive to be their best as they pursue their destiny. Life is a journey, and our Changkateers are encouraged to seize opportunities as they arise, embrace mistakes as part of their learning experience while we strongly support them to have a growth mindset about life and learning.

Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Aerospace and Aviation provides avenues for students to discover the science of flight with experimental activities based on scientific inquiry methods focused on developing a greater understanding of the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the curriculum. We have broadened students’ exposure to post-secondary courses in aerospace and aviation at various institutes of higher learning and overseas learning journeys to NASA in Houston, USA and Airbus in Toulouse, France.

The school’s distinctive Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Community Youth Leadership, aims to prepare Changkateers for the 21st century by developing their citizenship and leadership competencies, their ability to celebrate diversity and cultivate a strong sense of empathy towards different segments of the community. We believe that students must take ownership of their learning as well as be engaged and empowered to serve and lead others. We work closely with community partners such as South East CDC to equip our Changkateers with a sound moral compass to nurture them as service leaders.

It is heartening to see that over the years, we have established a reputation for being a school with a caring culture as well as positive tone and discipline. Through sound values and character education efforts, we have strengthened our students’ personal growth and positive impact on others. The affirmation from members of public when our students demonstrate the school’s R3ICH values (of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony) is testament to the strong character and leadership development of our Changkateers.

I hope that the school website will provide you with the most up-to-date, relevant and important information so that you can get a good snapshot of our Changkateer experience and stay informed of the latest happenings in the school. You can find out more about our signature ALP and LLP in the segment of the website ‘Experience@Changkat’. If what you see on our website resonates with you, please do get in touch to partner us in our education endeavours to nurture our Changkateers for an inspiring future ahead.

We thank our stakeholders, partners and well-wishers and look forward to an exciting year ahead as we enable new opportunities and scale greater heights together as one Changkat Changi family in 2020!

Ms Sharma Poonam