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Our Golden Jubilee

The Year 2016 marks 50 years since Changkat Changi Secondary School’s (CCSS) first day began. In the months leading to the milestone, there were a series of celebratory activities.

The theme for our 50th Anniversary Celebration is about Appreciating the Past, Celebrating the Present and Inspiring the Future. As we celebrate Changkat’s Golden Jubilee, we aim to showcase our achievements, as well as past and current programmes and activities that sought to bring out the best in our students.  

The 50th Anniversary Logo


In the logo, the paper planes symbolize the ALP programme we have implaced in our curriculum. It reflects the character of our fellow students who would endeavour to strive for the best. The green in the plane symbolises prosperity, freshness and progress. The different shades of green represent growth and balance. Green is also our school colour, which has the meaning of youth and vitality.

The light blue represents the sky, which is associated with open spaces and freedom. We hope with the freedom of choice given to the students,they will chase after their dreams and aspirations.

Changkat 50 is a reminder that Changkat has always been a second home to many - a place that stays in the heart of all students, alumni, parents, principals, vice-principals, teachers and all working staff. We are a family who stays united and we all aim to work together harmoniously. Our strong relations, past and present, is represented by the solid blue semi-circular base, while our binding ties and rapport is represented by the white and blue circles. Together they symbolize unity and wholeness.

8 April - 50th Speech and Prize-Giving Day


Dr Maliki and Principal Ms Sharma at the launch of our Heritage Gallery

Our 50th Speech and Prize-Giving Day marks the golden jubilee celebration for the school.  We invited Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Mayor, South East District as our Guest-of -Honour.

The celebration was kicked off with a warm welcome by the Kompang team. This was followed by a welcome line-up by the Uniformed Group members. The Boys’ Brigade bagpipes added to the celebratory mood of the occasion. Our new Heritage Gallery which documents the progress of the school from past to present was unveiled. Vibrant performances were put up by the Malay Dancers, Chinese Orchestra and Modern Dancers. The ceremony was also graced by past Principals, SAC, PSG and Alumni.

50th Annual Speech & Prize Giving Day – ‘Appreciate, Celebrate, Inspire’ was especially emotional this year when the commerative video on our ex staff and footages of the old school premises was played. It certainly brought back many memories for our staff, students, alumni and partners.

4 June – Changkat Challenge


Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC, joining us for our Changkat Challenge

In line with our school’s motto of through school to nation, Changkat Challenge was a great opportunity for Changkateers to give back to the community.  It was a tie up between Changi Simei CC and our school. Our guest-of-honour for the event, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC graced the occasion and joined in the activities organised.

All Changkateers were involved in the various activities such as Simei estate clean up, hosting the cleaners in the neighbourhood to a tea reception, mural painting and a mini carnival to raise funds for needy students.

30 June – Gala Dinner


Dr Janil Puthucheary, our former Principals, SAC members and Ms Sharma at the cake cutting segment of our Gala Dinner.

 Our 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner was a memorable night where Changkateers both past and present gathered to celebrate our Golden Jubilee. It was also a successful fund raiser as we exceeded the amount of funds collected.

Our guest-of-honour, Dr Janil Puthicheary, officiated the launch of our Applied Learning Programme in Aviation, S.O.A.R. Guests were also treated to a series of performances by our Aviators, Modern Dance Group and our award winning fancy drill and bagpipe performance!  

8 August – Time Capsule


The items to be placed in the time capsule


Mr Ivan Neo and his daughter, Ms Sharmaine Neo, both alumni of CCSS gracing the occasion

On 8 August, the morning assembly was slightly different as Changkateers witness the sealing of the time capsule. Some of the items included trophies, medals, school uniform, school flag and model gliders. Our guest-of-honour for the event Mr Ivan Neo, Chairman of the SAC, donated his own report book to be placed in the time capsule.

The time capsule is scheduled to be opened 50 years later in 2065. It is a fitting way to end off the year’s celebration as Changkat Changi Secondary School continue to strive and provide a good education for her students!